3 Pics 1 Key Word Answers

Hello Folks! we present you 3 Pics 1 Key Word Answers. First of all, it is one of the popular game developed by  Emillia Lapina . Riddles are no child’s play but in fact these simple games and clever problems have been structured to make the brain think .  Since brain is a muscle and just like any other muscle it need proper work out. Due to daily brain training (or as they say, giving your brain a “workout”) you will have your brain in perfect condition before you know it.

In 3 Pics 1 Key Word the three words you can guess three words using pictures and the final word you have to find out the fourth words.  All you have to do is to take a closer look. There are 20 words per level and more than 480 words in the game.
This game is really addictive & entertaining to reveal different words through huge collection of levels to play. Don’t forget to tell your friends about for helping you cross different levels of the game.

3 pics 1 key word answers

3 Pics 1 Key Word Answers

You can also directly download the complete cheat sheet of all the levels. Yes, you read that right.

Download all the answers of 3 Pics 1 Key Word Game from Level 1 to 8 and more. To download complete cheat sheet of the game you can click on the level given below –

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Level 1

  • Gift, Easter, Fireworks -> Common is Holiday
  • Oscar, Comedy, Camera -> Common is Cinema
  • Book, Newspaper, Origami -> Common is Paper
  • Coffee, Cigar, Perfume -> Common is Aroma
  • Sushi, Kimono, Samurai -> Common is Japan

Level 2

  • Pineapple, Orange, Papaya -> Common is Fruit
  • Shrimp, Plankton, Seaweed -> Common is Ocean
  • Coat, Frost, Scarf -> Common is Winter
  • Planet, Infinity, Comet -> Common is Universe
  • Savanna, Safari, Giraffe -> Common is Africa

Level 3

  • Arachis, Soya, Lentil -> Common is Beans
  • Olives, Resort, Oil -> Common is Greece
  • Shark, Bite, Evil -> Common is Teeth
  • Colibri, Mole, Ants -> Common is Small
  • Raven, Parrot, Flamingo -> Common is Bird

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Level 4

  • Owl, Turtle, Hedgehog -> Common is Albino
  • Sign, Trap, Intersection -> Common is Road
  • Watermelon, Cucumber, Cheese -> Common is Slice
  • Medal, Glory, Champagne -> Common is Victory
  • Boxer, Chess, Baseball -> Common is Sport

Level 5

  • Faberge, Chicken, Raw -> Common is Egg
  • Mustard, Ingredients, Meat -> Common is Sandwich
  • Curl, Wig, Barrette -> Common is Hairstyle
  • Lemonade, Cappuccino, Margarita -> Common is Drink
  • Bend, Asana, Lotus -> Common is Yoga

Level 6

  • Smell, Super, Appetite -> Common is Food
  • Musicians, Opera, Fans -> Common is Artist
  • Past, Old, Antiques -> Common is Age
  • Kiwi, Grasshopper, Peas -> Common is Green
  • Spider, Scorpion, Cobra -> Common is Poisonous

Level 7

  • Ballet, Carmen, Tango -> Common is Dance
  • Firefighter, Match, Ash -> Common is Fire
  • Bonfire, Tent, Relax -> Common is Camping
  • Teeth, Filling, Pain -> Common is Dentist
  • Camellia, Swan, Peacock -> Common is White

Level 8

  • Fight, Jump, Risk -> Common is Adrenaline
  • Cheerful, Pantomime, Surprise -> Common is Grimace
  • Insomnia, Moon, Sleep -> Common is Night
  • Bouquet, Ring, Bride -> Common is Wedding
  • Palette, Paint, Easel -> Common is Easel

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