Close Up Food Answers

Hello foodies, we present you Close Up Food Answers. Close Up food is a fun and straight forward game. It is a great game to pass time. The game seems easy but is a lot more challenging. In addition to that the game is a visual delight. All you have to do is take a closer observation at the game and guess the food correctly.

The game is created by Mediaflex Games . They are very famous in the gaming industry and have created game like Word Crush, Close Up Movies, Close Up Pics, Close Up Animal, and Close Up Cars. The game is available in android. Close Up Food is very popular among player with over 20 million downloads.

The game play is very simple you will be given hundreds of zoomed in food photos from across the world. They game also allows you to be socially active, if you get stuck you can to do twitter and facebook.  You can start playing the game as soon as you game.

close up food answers

Furthermore this game is really addictive and entertaining to reveal different words through huge collection of levels to play. Don’t forget to tell your friends about for helping you cross different levels of the game. You may also download  on Windows or PC and Mac for free.

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Close Up Food Answers

You can also directly download the complete cheat sheet of all the levels. Yes, you read that right.

Download all the answers of Close Up Food from Level 1 to 20 and more. You can also download the cheats of the entire game in just one go. To download complete cheat sheet of the game in one single click you can click on the link given below –

Download Cheats

As we are working on the next levels of Close Up Food Answers ,seems like we will be adding more and more levels either sooner or later, so make sure you bookmark this page or connect with us in our social network pages!

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