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Hello Folks! we present you Definitionado Answers .Trivia Games are no child’s play but these simple games, rather these clever problems have been structured to make the brain think . Almost all answers aren’t readily available.

It is an excellent mind, stretching little game that challenges your vocabulary. Definitionado Answers is a very popular game developed by MochiBits who have also developed other  games like 4 Words Genius. Use your sharp intellect and knowledge of word meanings, idioms, riddles, and trivia to solve these fun puzzles. You can enjoy the game both with your friends and alone.

definitionado answers

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Definitionado Answers Level 1

Level 1 Question 1: Many things are said to taste like it
Level 1 Question 2: Women glow, men perspire, and pigs do this
Level 1 Question 3: Known to fly when we’re having fun
Level 1 Question 4: Years before it itches
Level 1 Question 5: The customer and the boss is always said to be
Level 1 Question 6: One in need is one indeed
Level 1 Question 7: Someone else we’d like to blame when there’s no one but ourselves to blame
Level 1 Question 8: Chasing a wild one is waste of one’s time and effort
Level 1 Question 9: What justice and love is
Level 1 Question 10: What the breadwinner brings home surprisingly,it isn’t bread
Level 1 Question 11: Said to be man’s best friend
Level 1 Question 12: Has a silver lining
Level 1 Question 13: When it’s meant only for me
Level 1 Question 14: What you turn to gain advantage
Level 1 Question 15: Likes to repeat; also means to repeat

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