Stupid Again Puzzle Answers

Hello Folks, Stupid Again Puzzle Answers are provided here. Stupid Again Puzzle is the popular game developed by Mingli Wang. Riddles are no child’s play but in fact these simple games and clever problems have been structured to make the brain think and to find solutions that aren’t readily available. Brain is a muscle and like another muscle it need proper work out.

With daily brain training (or as they say, giving your brain a “workout”) you will have your brain in perfect condition before you know it. The puzzle starts with easy at the beginning and gets tough as you slowly drift in to the more difficult one.

The game is excellent for those who are looking for a fun and challenging past time. Some of the puzzles are more than 50 years old in the game. You have to use your fingers and try different posture to find out every question.

All the question seems really stupid initially but don’t let the looks of them deceive you, these are cunning little beast in form of small questions. Some of the question will make you laugh out lot others not so much. You have to really think out of box to solve these stupid questions.

stupid again puzzle answers

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Stupid Again Puzzle Answers

LEVEL 1 – Find Something you can eat – Make Two Graphs together, you will see a chocolate cone. (Basically get a part of the diamond and add it under the poop)

LEVEL 2 – Have you seen the pirate’s hook? Fix it for him, please! – Get the question mark from the question and put it on the pirates hand

LEVEL 3 – Click poker in ascending order – Click on 4, 7,9, 10 and the KING.

LEVEL 4 – Who is different? – Shake your device, the last sheep will fall.

LEVEL 5 – Which one is Sprite? – The third one.

Above given are just answers from level 1 to level 5, why don’t you directly download the complete cheat sheet of all the levels? Yes, you read that right.

Download all the answers of Stupid Again Puzzle game from Level 1 to Level 60 and more –

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Thats it folks! These are the Stupid Again Puzzle Answers. We are working on the next levels, as more levels answers are coming soon. Make sure to bookmark this page for future reference!


  1. mamen says:

    Level 6
    Turn back the phone you can see the smile face.
    Level 7
    Wait and see the duck from z chickens by seeing their beak
    Level 8
    Shake your phone the sheep on z right bottom corner will fall

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